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Oshkosh Fast Club/Extreme Gear Store

Fast Club has closed the Squadlocker store in favor of a local vendor.  The store won't be open24/7-365 like it used to but service will be better as well as delivery times.  

Orders made by 11:59 November 28, 2021 are scheduled to arrive by Christmas.

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Alison Lund- President Elect

Eric Lund- VP Travel

Jared Reichenberger- VP League

Angie Reetz- Fundraising

Jim Johnson- Tournament Director

Wayne Johnson- Asst. Tournament Director

Dana Reyes- Secretary

Alison Lund- Treasurer

Jenny Griesbach- Board Member

Mike Griesbach- Board Member 8u Commissioner

Steve Tritt- Board Member 10u Commissioner

Jim Lange- Board Member

James Torres- Board Member

Thank you to all past and returning members!  This club wouldn't exist without  you!




Extreme 2022 Travel Teams

Our 10u, 12u and 14u Teams for 2022 are set, some have been out winning games this fall.  If you have questions about Extreme Travel ball for 2022, email or call 920-379-9660  


Travel Teams, your next installment is due March 1st 2022.  If you are paying by check, make checks out to OSHKOSH FAST CLUB so our bank is happy to cash them.  Thank you!  


Nucleus Pitching Lessons resume August 16th

Linnea Utecht is now scheduling fall and winter lessons for local pitchers. Please click the link above to book your time.

Oshkosh Fast Club Softball

Oshkosh Fast Club is an instructional softball league for girls ages 5-12 where full windmill style pitching is played.The league will typically run from late May through the middle of July.  Players will participate in (1) game and (1) practice each week during the season.

The Oshkosh Extreme traveling teams are available for girls desiring a higher level of competition. The Fast Club currently has teams in the 8U, 10U, 12U,14U and 16U divisions. Members practice nearly year round and compete in tournaments in May through July. Tryouts for the Extreme travel teams are held annually after the travel season is over. 

Extreme 2022 Travel Practice

2022 Extreme Travel Season is underway.  Tournament schedules and practice schedules are being developed.   Stay healthy!  We are looking forward to great 2022 season!  See you on the diamonds!

Oshkosh Fast Club Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Oshkosh Fast Club Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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